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Port Pirie Regional Health Service Inc

"Many of our staff travel around the region and they want to be able to drive in the safest possible way. Participants of the Drive to Live courses are full of praise after having completed the course and feel that they have learnt to drive and handle a car in a safer way.

We have always found Drive to Live to be very obliging when making bookings to these courses."

Personnel Clerk

Department of Primary Industries, Mildura, Victoria

"We originally had trouble finding a provider to bring a driving course to Mildura. We were told about Drive to Live and have now been using them for three years. Organising the course is easy - they do it all. Staff complete an essential corporate training course and have some fun at the same time."

HR Team Leader

Article from Rural Doctors Workforce Agency

Murray Mallee Musings

Your Division is working for you! Rural Doctors Workforce Agency sponsored seven GP’s and one spouse to a Collision Avoidance Course run by the Drive To Live organisation. It was held in Murray Bridge on the 9th December, at the showgrounds on both dirt and bitumen roads. This is a hands on course designed to increase the drivers knowledge of his car and how to handle it in emergency situations.

It was all the more realistic because each driver supplied their own vehicle, so had no excuses for being unfamiliar with it. Dealing with scenarios was instructive, but so too was being able to watch other drivers with different types of vehicles perform in the same situation. The influence of tyre types, braking systems and traction control as well as the speed factor helped us all understand the way in which both the car and the driver behave in certain clearly defined conditions.

We all found it a very valuable experience and hopefully will be better and safer drivers as a result. We can highly recommend this course for everyone, especially all those who are the taxi drivers of the family.

Discount on car insurance premiums can be an added bonus of passing this course. Save dollars for you and your children …

Independent Living Centre (ILC) 

Staff of the Independent Living Centre (ILC) do a lot of travelling on the roads to visit clients. The ILC decided that it would be beneficial for staff to participate in a defensive driving course so we approached Drive to Live as they were recommended to us by FleetSA.

Staff Feedback from the Course follows:

"It was great on road experience and the instructor I had was light hearted but still conveyed the serious aspects of the course. It was lots of fun in a non-threatening environment."

Senior Occupational Therapist

"It was a practical course and it is done in the actual cars we drive for work."

Occupational Therapist

"It was a very informative and practical course. I enjoyed the participation and would highly recommend it to anyone."

Senior Administration Officer

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Who is Drive To Live?

Australia's most respected Post Licence driver training in Collision Avoidance/Defensive driver training for the past 30 years.

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