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Your Questions

Do I use my own car for the training?
Yes! Participants do use their own vehicle. There is little benefit in receiving tuition in a vehicle that you don’t drive. You need to learn the behaviour of your car.

Will this training damage my car or tyres?
Training is conducted mainly on a wet surface to minimise damage to tyres thus allowing the vehicle to assimilate a skidding motion in hard braking/manoeuvring exercises. Due to the extensive experience and attention to detail of our training instructor/s. Drive To Live have an impeccable safety record.

How safe is the training?
All exercises are conducted in a safe training environment under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Does Drive To Live have public liability insurance?
Yes! Drive To Live is fully covered by Public Liability Insurance A$10 million.

Can I get a reduction on my insurance premium by completing a course?
In some cases Yes! This varies between insurance companies. A certificate is issued to participants who successfully complete our training as proof of participation which can be submitted to your Insurance company.


There are many questions that you may like to ask, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask away. You might like to know future course dates, how do we rate various cars and after market equipment, Tyre details or many many more details. We will try to answer you promptly and with anything that we cannot answer straight away, we will research issues for you.

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Who is Drive To Live?

Australia's most respected Post Licence driver training in Collision Avoidance/Defensive driver training for the past 30 years.

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